About VisualMail

VisualMail is a new way of sharing and organizing data. It allows you to gather your favorite links and themes in information boxes, keeping them organized in a visual way.


How can I register in VisualMail?

In VisualMail, registers are recorded through our web page

Do I have to pay in order to use VisualMail?

VisualMail is free for 1 month for all registered users. It allows you to create new boxes, navigate and explore other users’ boxes, as well as discover interesting links, for free.

First Steps

How to add new modules in a box

The modules are the base of the box’s content. When creating a box for the first time, an empty module will appear by default at the top of the page.


In order to add more modules on that same row, you only need to click “Add Module” on the left of the row, and a maximum of three empty modules will be added.


The content of the rest of the modules will remodel to its new dimension automatically.

How to add sections

The sections act as visual separators that distinguish each content area added.


By pressing the button that is between the modules rows, a new section will appear. You can change the title just doing click over the text 'Section title'


How to move modules inside a box

It’s possible to move modules and relocate them in another place. The basic movements are:

  • Exchange of modules in a same row
  • Add module between two modules in another row
  • Move module to create a new row
  • Move module sideways to a new row

How to add content

There are three types of content that can be added:

  • Links to online contents (webs, videos, documents, images, social media)
    In order to add online content you only need to add the link to the text field located at the top of the module. It doesn’t matter whether you write it directly, or copy and paste it from your browser. It’s also possible to write some key words and press “Add”, it will show you several search results from Google, in your own module, for you to choose.
  • Documents (pdf, powerpoint, Excel, Word, images)
    To add documents or images you can drag them directly to a module, drag them to any other place of your box (new modules will be automatically generated at the lower part of the box with the content) or press “Add file or image” and select a document from your hard disk in order to add it.
  • Comments on text format
    Any of the modules can be turned into a text field for you to introduce your owncomments by pressing “Introduce text”, the module will automatically turn into a text editor for you to add comments and modify format if needed.

How to share a box

First of all, all description and configuration fields must be completed. Keep calm, there’s onlya few of them.

  • Box title
  • Collection: It keeps boxes classified. It’s necessary to either choose a collection thathas already been created in the past, or create a new one. Treat them as folders where you keep your boxes to be classified.
  • Description: This text will help you describe the box`s purpose and its content.
  • Private or Public: If you choose a “Private” checkbox, this box will only be visible for the people with whom you share it. Otherwise, the created box will be public which will make it available for search engines, and will make it accessible for any internet user.

Once completed the box configuration’s fields, if you want to share it, click on “Share”. This action will safe your new box, and will take you to the sharing screen.


Introduce here the emails of the contacts with whom you want to share/send the box. You can select many emails at the same time by copying them from other lists already created on Excel, or on your email client. Afterwards, you will have to complete the subject, as you would normally do when sending an email. On the left, there will be a pre-visualization of the box that will be sent. Finally, at the bottom right part, click on the share button to send the box. Another possibility is to copy the address located at the lower part of the screen and send it to your contacts.

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